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Waiting on the next kids, both were bred this year.

We have no more shares to offer for 2012. Before we got a chance to post we sold out. If a share becomes available we will post it here. contact us, get put on the list.

We offer 2 types of shares, cow shares and goat shares.


We have our ADGA Registered American Alpine goats.

Meet Gloria and Angel- they are very well bred dairy goats. Have been a pleasure to work with.  At all most 3 months old they are more than half way to making their weight to be bred for the fall. They will only be bred if they make weight.   





Some beautiful faces!



 The KIDS are here Born  on 5-19-11 4:30 in the afternoon we assisted.

Both are boys, one Kid has been sold, the other we have opted to keep. Gloria gives 3/4 to a gallon of milk a day.




We also Have our Jersey Heifers

We have AI'ed both heifers waiting to see who is pregnant. Both done in January2012.


When they were calves, aren't they the cutest?


I think my grandson was more afraid of them.





The girls at a year old!






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