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A short story how she came to us and her progress.

Foaled 7/2007

When she first arrived here the the end of October 2007 just turning 4 months old, her previous owner brought her here. This was her first time away from her mom. All I could do was stand and watch since I did not own her at that point. I watched as they moved her by one pulling on her head, one pushing her butt. They planned to tie her to a huge tree in my yard, I advised "I would not do that, that is not a good idea" My advice being ignored, they proceeded, and she threw her body on the ground, and threw a tantrum. I was scared she had really hurt herself. I stood by and watched when she got back on her feet while she tried to kick everyone, and tried to bolt at any given opportunity. They only statement I could make was "I will take care of her, you can leave"

I now own her, She cried for her mom all day and all night for 4 long days. The first week, during the day, I would visit at random times (4-5 times a day) and sit in her pen,  I would sit for 1/2 an hour at a time. I did nothing but talk to her, I never tried to touch her or approach her. I would visit her 3-4 times during the night, again just talking to her never touching or approaching her. After about a week she was coming to me looking for a sense of security. I quickly and easily assumed the leader (mom) role.

The second week, I was rubbing her all over, and she was quiet all day and night. (beside the normal calling to me in the day when she saw me).  I would sit and have my coffee with her, she would lay down beside me where I was sitting. Lay her head on me, graze near me. When I felt she was completely secure with me, we started the real training.

After training her for 2 weeks, she picked all 4 feet up, leads like a dream, walk, trot, stop, she gauges herself to the speed you are moving at, she does not rush out in front, and does not fall behind, No cues are needed anymore for her to lead, just move your feet, or stop your feet, she obeys the "stay" command. She lounges left and right. Her ground manner were becoming impeccable.

At 5-6 months old she was being de-spooked, learning patience, and to back up, she is handled a minimum of 5 days a week. I try to break things up into 10-15 minute work sessions, 3 times a day. Our goal is to make her as light, steady and confident as she can be. 

We did not need to keep her in a fenced area all day. At night she is put away for safety. She knows more than most horses. I was very proud of her progress and her abilities.

She was the tattletale of the bunch. If one horse some much as puts one hoof out of line she in calling me at the top of her lungs. Anything on the property was a miss, she is calling me.

One night at about 11:00pm, I heard her calling. I went outside, and a large owl was sitting on a post to her fence. All I could do was laugh, scare the owl away and comfort her.

Another night about 1:00am I heard her calling. Put the ole boots on, went outside. One of the horses broke out. (which is how she got the nick name Tattletale.)

I did some shifting around with pasture mates, and she complained the entire day.

All day she went from pen to pen visiting horses. She stood in the yard and ran around just being a baby. I let her have a lot of play time and interaction with the other horses at her own free will, since she was by far the smallest horse here, she had her own fenced in area only at night until I felt she could hold her own sort of speak.



Oddly her buddy was our stallion Homer. Those two have full blown conversations. I wish I knew what they were saying. Homer will stand there for as long as she stays.

Tilly is very intelligent, athletic, and very willing. I have high hopes for her.


Update: 5-29-08 Tilly is growing wonderfully, her training has progressed in leaps and bounds.  We have been bathing, standing tied, trailer loading. We still keep despooking for as may objects as we can come up with. She is the only horse I can leave loose all day and all night and she stays in the yard.



Update: 10-28-08 She now finally has a pasture mate, it is our Clyde mare SAS. Tilly at long last has a little size to her and is doing great with SAS.


May 25, 2009 Tilly walking the fence line with me to check on Quazi, she is very fascinated by him. She is now standing at 14.3HH and still my little peanut. 

August 2009- She has not been in training since last year and remembers everything. I will resume training when she is 3. She still can be left loose all day and night and remains in the yard. I let her go visit and stand with Sas while Sas is in the foaling stall. She has missed Sas terribly.

September 9, 2009- She was measured and weighted today. She stands 14.3 HH and weights 850lbs. I hope she does not get any taller, she is a perfect height right now.

The girl can fly, she can move gracefully and move out when she wants too.

12-30-09 For most of 2009 she was left to pasture to grow and become horse social. In the fall of 2010 she will begin to be broke to be ridden. She is still very protective over me, and very playful, she is maturing into a wonderful mare.


--------->5-2010 maturing nicely.




10-26-10 Tilly is now 3, under saddle lightly. She is incredible, I have a couple people trying to buy her from me, She is simply not for sale. She has gotten a little taller than I anticipated, she is standing at almost 15.2. She has way more ability than I have ridding ability, all I can do is increase my ridden skills. She is FAST and VERY athletic! I was told she would make a great barrel racing horse, and jumper. I wanted someone else to teach her under saddle thinking it would be best for her and I. So far I am the only one she has allowed to mount her. I keep hearing repeatedly she is "MY horse, and that she will take care of me. She is a pet". I do not know if that is good or bad, but she is respectful and listens. She never complains or gives me a hard time about anything. I am not too pleased she will not allow anyone else to mount her at this point. I want her to excel, in order to do that, someone other than me needs to ride her. Aside from that bump she is doing great. I have had no issues mounting or riding her. No Bucking, no kicking, no silliness. It is all business.






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