Having a foal can be the most exciting event, and sometimes can be the one of the worst experiences.

This page is in memory of POSSUM HOLLOW K-REX who passed on June 28th, 2007

He may be gone but NEVER forgotten.

All prays are always answered-even if it is the answer we do not want.



   This is our colt born first thing in the morning on June 1, 2007. He was sold months before he was born, he was everything we expected him to be.

   His umbilical cord was ripped from his umbilicus, my mother sat outside and hand stitched it closed.

   How she has the stomach to do that, I will never know. Thank god for mom's!

   The vet was called to give him the once over.

    After the vet check, they stated he had a temperature. That bacteria may have gotten into to umbilicus, start antibiotics.   





    By 5pm the same evening, this is what I was dealing with a very sick mare and foal. Neither one could or wanted to get up. They just lied there comforting each other, and all I could do was talk to them and stroke them assuring them I was doing all I could.

    After another phone call to the vet, I sat beside them doing the best I could do. The entire family took turns sitting with them, while daily chores were attempted to be completely. This was a very long day.

    This was no doubt one of the worst days of my life. Loosing one would have been painful, loosing them both would have been unbearable.

    Rex had a Temp of 105, Mare is shivering and shaking in 90+ weather, with a temp of 103. Something was really wrong.

    Just covered them as best as we could and waited for help to arrive.




After stronger doses of antibiotics, an Ice bath's. Rex is on his feet and doing great.

His mom was flushed and antibiotics administered she is doing great.


2 days later, FINALLY I can breath.









    This picture is of Rex,  his mom (EVE) and the babysitter. (SAS)


    We let him come and go as he pleased- very independent boy.

    He spend most of his time hanging out with us. I think he thought he was a person.

    Loved to be groomed.   Loved his salt lick. Loved to play tag.

    He would run out of the pen every morning and greet me.

    He would leave the pen and be with us anytime we were outside unless he was hungry.   





After the 7 days of antibiotics, I got 2 days break. He was sick again. Weighting in at 250lbs all ready.

The Vet told me he has a rare breathing disorder that is specific to draft breeds. That he would outgrow it within 2 months. (Idiopathic Tachypnea)

Had to body clip him, give him ice bathes, keep him cool. Keep his temp down.

Everyday for 18 days starting at 8 am till 7 pm icing him down, hosing him down, Alcohol bathes, anything to keep his temp down.  Taking his temperature every 2 hours.

His temperature never dropped under 102, and seen it go high enough that it shut the thermometer off. (105.5 is the shut off point).

Rex lived for 28 days. His ultimate demon was Joint Ill that caught him in the last 3 days of his life- Every joint in his tiny body swelled. His heart rate was 180 beats per minute. (His Normal was 40) Best guess was do to his torn umbilicus the bacteria crawled in and settled, the antibiotics helped stopped it from growing, but did not remove it. 

He was very loved, and we will never forget our REX.

If your foal is born with this breathing disorder- (Idiopathic Tachypnea) No One has any idea what causes it. Please feel free to contact me, There is not much to be found on it. One of the Vet hospitals, has a Vet there who has been a Vet for 40+ years and only had seen 8 cases of it. His breathing disorder was just about gone when he passed. We had gotten him through it. If I could help anyone I would be more than glad to tell you what I know and what we did. If I can assist in anyway.



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