I looked out the window and saw this- He was not moving- he was sleeping and in the back you can see Cougar lying down as well. 1-2-08

I looked in to the other field and saw the picture below. I guess everyone was tired. 1-2-08



I could not resist this picture- see how peaceful they are while they nap. 12-14-07





Sas training in harness for the first time.







Poor little Annie stuck on a porch, she was too afraid to jump off. After a couple hours, I actually had to let this animal walk through my house to get her unstuck.

Tilly watching Annie explore.










LIFE IS GREAT on the farm!!!!!!!! Yes we expect the kids to play in the mud but the HORSES?














Homer hanging out with the family. He is not on lead, he was let loose. There was 4 mares close by he just hung with us.


Below Santana was just given a bath, he loves my pregnant daughter, he was to be lead back to his pasture and he wanted only to be with my daughter. She took the lead, he wanted to go with her.







I heard my roosters squawking, I went out side to look, and they were chasing this snapping turtle. It was cruising through the yard.




Santana and Homer meeting for the first time. Santana was so upset and Homer was fine, even as calm to be extended.





Diamond And Nike. Diamond is intrigued by the Canadian geese walking by her.

My grandson playing with Santana's lips. I swear he drops his head just so my grandson can play with him.



Helps without anyone asking.








They seem to think they are in the most comfortable place on the farm. They been sleeping there for days.



4 of my stallions standing together. No arguing, no fighting. All good boys just hanging and grazing.

Left to right--Homer, Mousse, Anakin, Road Runner.





2 of my grandkids playing with a gosling.












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