Foaled May 2007

Registered with The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society # GV01116F

Registered with the Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association #FG10713435

DNA is recorded


He is a Premium Foundation Gypsy Vanner/Cob.  Currently standing 14.2 Weights almost 1200 Pounds.

He was bred and born in pasture in England, imported to USA on Halloween 2007. He comes from desirable Stock.

He arrived on our farm 12-16-07 at 9pm. I will admit he was a little taller than I anticipated.  He was a little underweight and very unhandled. He was also looking downhill.

He has been DNA tested for Homozygous for black (EE) and Homozygous for tobiano (TT)

What that translates to is he should sire only black and white Tobiano babies no matter what color the mare is. The pattern is unknown till the foal is born.

He is VERY athletic he hopped off the trailer, like a rabbit right through the side door. He has a lot of natural action. While training him to lead today he was jumping over objects just to jump.

They claim this breed is good at mostly anything dressage, western pleasure, hunter-jumper.

At 6-7 months old he has more feather than I see on most stallions for stud or for sale. Do not let anyone fool you with this breed, Feather Does Matter

He has a double mane too.

His bone measured 7 3/4 inches

I can not wait to see him completely shed his baby coat. He is beginning to shed out black as night.



1-26-08 Mousse is Waiting for his grain feeding

He is the character on this farm. This guy is surprising everyone.

4-10-08 Mousse is growing into a perfect gentlemen. Looking a bit downhill. Shedding out beautifully. 11 months old, and loving people.


9-28-08 Constantly going through growing spurts he is turning into a stunning stallion. His feather is a bit burnt right now.





He also finds any tree to scratch his mane and tail. And his feather looks terrible due to the spring mud.

Just before his bath on 4-25-09.   He is still looking downhill, weighing about 1,000lbs. He was good for his bath.                                                                            



My 2 year old grandson riding on Mousse. My grandson kept saying " walk, walk"








Look at the boy go!


---------> Mousse training to be collected.







5-9-10 What were you doing on Mothers day???  Mousse trotting with my daughter getting ready for his first REAL ride.
















This is a picture of his sire. His name is Jack, and he resides in England.











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