Drafty Hill Ogdensburg Eve

Foaled 2/2002- Passed 8-12-2008


Eve met her untimely death on 8-12-2008, She will be missed dearly.


Eve was super sweet, she was BIG and she knew it. Loved attention. She followed you like a puppy dog. Standing on the tips of my toes I could give her hugs.

She stood at a respective 18HH. She was a middle weight horse, weighting about 1500lbs. She was solid and sound with large feet. Plenty of silky white feather

She was a wonderful mother.

As a yearling she was nominated All American, after that she was left to pasture to be a broodmare.  She was sold at the age of 2 to show and she would not cooperate.  When she came to me she was about 400lbs underweight. No one would go near her, she was mean! She came off the trailer, kicking and running. Did not lead at all, acted as if she was rarely handled.

I had no choice but to win her over, but the fact is she won me over. Within 6 months she was a different horse. She regained faith and respect for people.

On the same token- she was dominating.

Watching her alone has taught me mountains of things. Firm not forceful and when force is necessary, it is only used as need be, not to over due it. Not to get angry, just do my job. I have put horse's with her half her size and she has never hurt a horse.

The first time I put a smaller horse in with her I was scared "she is going to destroy that little thing". Myself having no other choice, The wild horse attacked me 3 times, and was a serious threat to my well being, if I could not train the horse, it would have a poor quality of life. In with Eve the wild horse went.  Never did Eve hurt that horse, I watched closely for a week on how she gained respect from the wild horse. She has been a great teacher for me and the unruly horses.

Eve has saved me weeks of work and possibly saved me from getting seriously injured by aggressive horses, I just turn them over to her. When I gained my position, I can then take them out and finish training.

She was incredible and knew her limits, even being a dominating horse she was lead by a 7 year old boy, and lead like an angel. His parents were amazed how gentle she was. I was so proud of her.



Once I watched from a distance, a child walk right in her pasture, under her belly. Eve never moved a muscle while this child swung around her rear and front legs like a poles. It happened so fast. From the second I saw the child heading towards Eve, Eve was making her way towards the child. When they made contact Eve sniffed the child and the child just started moving under her. I headed towards them. I was far enough away I barely could tell it was a child at first. I was the furthers one away. Without running or yelling there was no possible way for me to stop that child in time. I knew if I acted scared so would Eve, remaining calm and unconcerned was key. Stepped in the pasture, walked right to them, picked the child up, rubbed Eve while holding the child, left the pasture, found the parents and explained they really needed to keep an eye on the child. I stood with Eve till they left, just in case the child got away from her parents again.














I just happen to have the camera. It was time to go clean feet. Eve decided to lie down, so we cleaned her feet while she lied there. Talk about trust.

Eve and I did have disagreements- She sometimes does not want to have a bath. Some days she does not to pick up her feet. She would constantly test me, Yet she always did what I ask of her.  

Her first time under saddle.

She did not like the saddle pad so I threw it on the ground.


This mare will be missed terribly.






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